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Six Reasons Why Protein Powder Is Probably Better Than Toilet Paper Right Now...

With everything going on right now, it’s easy to be swept along with the masses and their obsession with toilet paper.

Sure, it’s nice to get that covered, but we think you’d do better to focus on your nutrition right now, especially your protein intake. Here's why:

1. Protein Powder Boosts Your Immune System

First and foremost, your top priority right now should be to keep both yourself and your loved ones healthy. And sufficient protein intake is vital to do that. The immune system’s workers, such as antibodies and white blood cells, rely on protein to fight off bacterial and viral infections. Too little protein in your diet and your body won’t be able to fight off foreign infections to its best ability. It’s important now, more than ever, to make sure your protein intake is as high as it can be.

Want to learn more? read our "Can protein powder boost your immunity" blog post.

2. Protein Powder Has The Best Shelf Life

Of course, you can get your protein intake via meat. But if you have restrictions on visiting the supermarket, it may be easier to fall back on protein powder than to juggle freeze and defrost cycles. Plus, as it’s in powdered form, protein powder has a far superior shelf-life to meat. You can be sure that, unlike meat, stocking up on protein powder won’t mean you’re constantly fretting it’ll turn bad before it’s used.

3. Protein Powder Is Cost Effective

Compared to meat, protein powder is much cheaper when you look at the cost per serving. You can be sure that you’re stretching your budget further while still covering your nutritional bases. On top of that, for variety, you can combine your protein powder with lot's of other kitchen that need using, like oats and frozen fruits.

4. Protein Powder Prevents Muscle Break Down

If you’re in self isolation, you’re most likely going to be sedentary for a while. This poses two problems: weight gain and muscle loss. To prevent both, it’s important to ensure your daily caloric intake isn’t too high and you maintain a balanced macro nutrient spectrum (protein / carbs / fats). By adding a lower calorie, high nutrient food source like protein powder to your diet, you can be sure you’re preventing muscle wastage and not consuming too many calories at the same time.

5. Protein Powder Is Convenient

One of the benefits of going into isolation will be all the time you have to catch up on your shows on Netflix - and nobody wants to pause just as it’s getting good to go cook a meal! With protein powder, you’re good to go. Easily add a quality protein punch into almost any healthy breakfast and you can be sure you’re consuming a broad spectrum, macronutrient rich meal and can get back to Netflix in no time at all.

6. Protein Powder Is High Quality

If you’ve only got the leftover meat available to you at the supermarket, you may want to look at protein powder instead. Make sure you’re taking in a high quality source of protein - one that’s rich in essential amino acids - instead of buying the third-rate sausages that nobody else wants!

OK, that’s enough. At this point, we’re sure you’d agree that protein powder is much more helpful to stock up on than toilet paper.

And, while we’ve got you, we may as well let you know why you should get Go Good’s protein over anyone else’s.

For one, we use real fruits and superfoods to flavour our products. That means they’ve got even more vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and they blend into healthy smoothies and recipes super easy. We also promote environmental sustainability by being 100% plastic free and donating a portion of our profits to tree planting initiative Trees That Count. What's not to love.



Go Good Organic Chocolate Whey Protein Powder.


Whey Protein Powder + Organic Chocolate

  • Improve your muscle recovery and repair
  • Easy to digest - Gluten, soy and GMO-free
  • Boost your immunity and  help build lean muscle

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