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5 Reasons Why We Use Freeze-Dried Organic Fruits


As far back as 1200 A.D., the Incas used freeze-drying to preserve potatoes by placing them on high-elevation stone platforms to freeze overnight and they would then dry them in the sun (1). These served as a backup food source in times of drought, natural disaster, or crop failure. For the Incas, freeze-drying also eliminated the bitter taste in some species of potatoes, making them more palatable for consumption.

Today, however, we have machines that do the process for us, making it much simpler and convenient to enjoy the benefits.

So what exactly is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying or lyophilisation is a process of dehydrating frozen foods to remove all of the moisture. In doing so, all of the original nutrients are maintained.

When we freeze-dry, the original shape and size of the product are maintained, but by removing the moisture from products, deterioration at room temperature is prevented; they exhibit greater stability and can be easily reconstituted when placed in water.

With freeze-drying, foods retain the same nutritional value, colours, flavours, and texture as the original product.

How does freeze-drying work?

Essentially, freeze-drying is a three-step process that removes water from frozen products.

  1. The chosen food is then placed in a vacuum chamber and completely frozen
  2. Finally, all remaining water molecules are stripped off the food making its temperature higher than the ambient temperature (isothermal desorption).
  3. Finally, all remaining water molecules are stripped off the food making its temperature higher than the ambient temperature (isothermal desorption).

Lyophilisation leaves behind dehydrated food that is safely preserved, maintaining the food’s structure and nutrients.

Freeze-drying is one of the safest and most effective ways to preserve foods and their nutritional benefits, but here’s why else you should consider it.


Visual comparison of fresh, frozen and freeze-dried raspberries.Visual comparison of fresh, frozen and freeze-dried raspberries.


5 reasons why we love freeze-drying

1. It Preserves Nutrients And Flavour

Because freeze-dried foods are minimally processed, they’re often clean, whole ingredients, meaning they’re free from high amounts of processing, synthetic chemicals, and additives or preservatives.

As well, foods are usually freeze-dried at their peak ripeness, which ensures maximum nutritional value when consumed. Processing at low temperatures also retains the majority of nutrients, colours, flavours, and textures naturally present in the foods.

2. It Inhibits Bacterial Growth

Microorganisms like bacteria thrive in environments where there is high moisture content, which can lead to food becoming mouldy and decomposing. Freeze-drying removes the moisture and the potential for bacterial growth.

3. It Extends Shelf-Life

The shelf life of a product is directly related to the moisture content within it. By removing between 96-99% of the moisture in foods, freeze-drying extends the shelf life by limiting the potential for bacterial growth. However, the exact shelf life of a freeze-dried product will depend on the packaging, storage temperature, and specific food. Freeze-dried fruits stored in a re-sealable container can typically be saved for 3 years!

4. It’s Practical And Affordable

With freeze-dried foods and powders, there’s roughly a 12:1 ratio (2), meaning that 1Kg of freeze-dried food is the equivalent to 12Kg of fresh food. The weight of the freeze-dried products is reduced by 70 to 90 per cent, with no change in volume. Freeze-dried fruit powders allow us to supercharge each of our canisters the equivalent of 50 strawberries or 5 whole bananas.

Let’s face it, fresh produce, especially if you’re buying organic, can be costly. So, getting your daily dose of vitamins from our protein blends may also end up saving you some money.

5. It Helps Reduce Waste

There’s nothing worse than buying fresh produce only to find out it’s gone bad before you can eat it. Food wastage is estimated at 30-40% (3) — an oddly high number! Even when we don’t buy an excessive amount of groceries, there’s a pretty good chance that something will end up going to waste. With freeze-dried foods, however, the shelf life can range anywhere from months to years, so you don’t have to worry about putting it away and it goes bad before you can get to eat it.

At Go Good, all of our protein blends are flavoured from real certified organic fruits and superfoods that have been freeze-dried, which provide an authentic taste and aroma while maintaining the original and unique vitamin and mineral profile of each food.



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