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Why is Go Good suitable for pregnant women?

What Makes Go Good Suitable For Pregnancy and Children?

One of the most popular questions we are asked and a large part of this is down to our own philosophy when it comes to protein powder and anything else we put in our bodies - it’s important for our food sources to be as natural as possible.    

Go Good Whey Protein

As a result of this philosophy, our whey protein is clean, authentic and pure. Free from any chemical or hormone and sourced from healthy cows that graze the lush New Zealand pastures year round. It’s as high quality as you can get.

Not only that, but Go Good protein blends don’t use any artificial ingredients, stimulants or even high-level doses of synthesized amino acids.

Go Good Pea Protein

Due to our philosophy the only real dilemma you need to solve when choosing between our protein powders is: dairy or non-dairy?

For those of you with a dairy intolerance, we’ve got you covered with our golden pea protein. Sourced from Europe, the peas we use are natural and cultivated free of any GMO or chemical interference.

With a sky-high 88% purity and hypoallergenic properties , they’re the perfect non-dairy option for you to use during and after your pregnancy.

Go Good Flavorings And Sweeteners

As is true of our protein sources, the same goes for our flavorings and sweeteners:

All natural.

To flavour we use hand selected organic ingredients that are come from real fruits and superfoods:

  •       Organic cacao, from the cacao trees native to the tropical regions of Central and South America.
  •       Organic vanilla, sourced from Madagascar and Indonesia.
  •       Organic banana, grown and sourced from Ecuador.
  •       Organic strawberries sourced from Chile.

Being organic, this means all of our flavours are grown and cultivated without the use of harmful insecticides or herbicides and act as powerful flavorings as well as a nutritional boost for our protein blends.

To sweeten we use: 

  •       Thaumatin, a fuit from the Katemfe plant, native to Sudan and Western Africa.

Thaumatin is a low calorie, low GI, natural alternative to refined sugars that provides just the right amount of sweetness for our protein blends.

Go Good Ethics

Our philosophy doesn’t stop at the ingredients we use, it’s an all-encompassing approach to how we do business.

For one, we’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. We do this through many ways, such as:

  •       Using recycled materials to create our packaging
  •       Utilizing lower emission courier companies
  •       Creating long-life products that minimize wastage
  •       Choosing value-driven suppliers who share our sustainability standards.


 We love hearing how our happy customers use our products. Word has spread and as a result we have won numerous awards for product design elements as well as 2020 New Zealand's best natural protein powder.

Want to taste the organic difference for yourself?

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Download the Protein and breastfeeding Guide.

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