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Why Organic?

As the story goes, setting out to create the highest quality protein powders and superfood blends it was by no chance that we settled with organic flavours- as anyone who has tasted our protein powders would agree. But as you can imagine they certainly weren’t the only flavour choices we had. Here’s a little insight on our unique organic flavours and why we find them to be a cut above the rest.

Firstly a bit of industry insight. Nowdays there are three main ways that products are flavoured - artificial, natural and organic.

Artificial flavours are produced synthetically and come straight from a laboratory. Produced entirely from chemicals they can taste great but offer zero nutritional value.

Natural flavours as you can probably guess are extracted directly from nature, but in many cases not necessarily the source itself – for example natural coconut flavour is extracted from tree bark. Although these flavours are derived from nature the irony is that for many natural flavours the extraction process is completed in a harmful or unsustainable way. They are of course still ‘extracts’ which are taken back to laboratories and formulated to produce the final flavour profile

Organic flavours are simply real organic fruits, vegetables or beans - often dried or finely ground to suit different uses.

So, with that knowledge we applied it to our goal – create the most nutritionally dense protein powders and superfood blends.

The way we saw it is that artificial flavours are great for items like chewing gum where the main purpose is for it to be chewable and taste good – not nutritionally wholesome. Using organic ingredients here would also be a waste as it’s almost always spat out!

Natural flavours taste great but add no nutritional value and for a product like protein powder that is usually taken shortly after a workout when your body is at its hungriest, craving nutrients that go straight to work refuelling and repairing muscle tissue it makes complete sense to consume the most nutrient dense foods that you can get your hands on, right? 

It’s for this reason that we chose to flavour our protein powders with real organic ingredients. Not only do they taste great, but each flavour offers a unique nutritional property that works in conjunction with the protein to refuel and boost your body. Whether it’s the added antioxidant properties in organic cacao ‘chocolate’ or potassium in organic banana you are receiving much more than just a ‘flavour’.

Admittedly organic flavour costs much more than its natural or artificial counterparts but there are more important reasons than just flavour to be considered. 

From Ground to Glass

By choosing organic not only do we endorse healthier nutrition but we are supporting the entire industry around harvesting and cultivating these foods.

Organic farming techniques protect and preserve our earth by opposing the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified crops typically used in conventional farming. By sustaining the quality of our soil and land it ensures that healthy, nutrient rich crops can be grown and enjoyed season after season.

Although not directly related to the flavour or taste the cultivation and processing of organic crops is a huge task. The majority of these farms are located in poorer countries where sadly workers’ rights are often exploited. This presented a great opportunity for us to align ourselves with fair trade organisations where possible, ensuring the fair treatment and sustained protection of workers’ rights. 

We enjoy living life in our environment too much to watch it go to waste which is why the Give Good initiative was formed, a portion from each canister sold put towards maintaining and sustaining our environment. 

More than just a ‘flavour’

Everybody uses their physical bodies differently on the outside but one thing we can all agree upon is that we feel and function so much better when we consume quality nutrition on the inside. Go Good is more than just a colourful canister, our products reflect our values and what we believe in - and by endorsing them they say something good about you too.

They might not be for everyone, we get that - but before you make up your mind we encourage you to taste the organic difference for yourself.

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