Why Go Good protein powders?

We only use high-quality straight grade protein powder not cost-cutting ‘blends’ of higher and lower grade OR different grades of protein like most companies. We choose to use only organic flavours so that you are deriving a nutritional benefit not only from the protein but the flavour itself making our protein powders 100% beneficial to your health.

Our products are manufactured in world-class facilities that adhere to strict protocols and compliance regulations. Our products do not contain any ingredients listed on the WADA banned substances list nor does our manufacturing facility handle any of these ingredients.

How does Go Good protein support lean muscle growth and development?

Go Good protein supplies muscles with essential nutrients needed for optimised muscle recovery.  This allows your muscles to consistently perform much better which directly attributes to increases in lean muscle and strength.

What is the best time to take Go Good protein?

The optimal time to consume our protein is 30-45 minutes post workout. This is when your muscles are most likely to absorb the nutrients needed for muscle growth and recovery. If possible blend or consume our protein with a banana as this will help raise blood sugar levels making you feel better and assist with recovery.

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