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Are Go Good products suitable for vegans & vegetarians?

Our complete range is suitable for lactose vegetarians to consume. Our plant range is vegan-friendly and great for those who have allergies. All smoothie boosters are vegan-friendly.

Are Go Good products gluten free? 

Our complete range of Go Good protein powders and smoothie boosters are gluten-free.

Do Go Good products contain banned substances? Are they drug-free sport approved?

Go Good doesn’t contain any banned substances and our manufacturer neither handles or manufactures any products contained on the WADA banned substance list.

Are Go Good protein powders low FODMAP?

Our protein powders are low FODMAP.

Whey protein isolate is low FODMAP.

Whey protein concentrate (high grade) is low FODMAP.

Pea protein is low FODMAP.

The flavours and sweeteners we use are low FODMAP. Our protein powders are a mixture of ingredients and when mixed with water are low FODMAP.

Can children use Go Good products?

Go Good products are safe for all children to use as part of a balanced, varied diet. Smoothies do a great job of masking the taste of healthy, leafy greens and encourage children to consume them. 

Is Go Good protein powder ok for diabetics?

Though we have not tested our protein powders effect on blood sugar, high protein foods/products are not known to cause spikes in blood sugar.  In fact, people with diabetes are encouraged to consume protein with every meal, because protein helps to offset any blood sugar spikes caused by the sugar & carb content in the meal.  Some of our flavoured products DO contain minimal amounts of a sweetener derived from thaumatin, a natural fruit protein.  If you or the person with diabetes is very sensitive to “sweets”–we would recommend using the “original” (unflavoured) versions of whey protein which contains no sweetener whatsoever.

Is Go Good protein powder Paleo?

Although it doesn’t typically fall into the guidelines of being paleo friendly as it is a processed food source and derived from dairy it is a very grey area.

Yes, whey protein is derived from dairy, however, Go Good whey proteins are such high quality that most of the allergens and irritants like lactose are filtered out – especially in our isolate range.

Yes, peas are legumes and not considered paleo friendly, however, there is much debate over their nutritional properties when compared to other legumes with most experts considering that they are better than most others.

We look at the protein powder vs. paleo debate in this way. If the paleo diet is the consumption of quality, nutritional, unprocessed food sources then our products cannot be better aligned with this notion. We think that the main reason people who follow the paleo diet shy away from using protein powders (for good concern) is the fact that with most protein powders you are consuming many unwanted and unknown artificial and processed ingredients that are blended with the protein.
Go Good products use only organic and natural ingredients so we eliminate that issue. Now it comes down to a convenience factor – which is one of the main reasons protein powders are such great supplements. As long as you are willing to personally trade off convenience for the consumption of whole foods then we would endorse using an organic, natural protein powder. The paleo diet is very popular in the CrossFit industry which is a highly intensive workout regime placing a huge physical demand on the body. As protein is such an effective post-workout nutritional source we find that in most cases many people are willing to trade accessibility to whole foods post workout for a convenient high-quality protein source.

Is Go Good protein powder Ketogenic ‘Keto’ Friendly?

Yes, all of our protein powders are ketogenic diet friendly. Just make sure that their consumption fits within your daily keto macro limits.

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